Celje, one of the four venues of the Women’s EHF Euro 2022, is already dressed in the colors of the upcoming competition. Exactly one week before the opening match of the European Women’s Handball Championship, an event was held in the princely city to welcome all 16 national teams that will fight for the European crown.

“Celje is a sports town, which we are very proud of. We compete excellently in many sports, and we have also organized a number of internationally renowned sports competitions. Handball is at home in Celje and we are extremely happy to be one of the co-hosts of the European Women’s Handball Championship,” said Mr. Bojan Šrot, Mayor of the Municipality of Celje. 16 trees were planted in the city orchard of Celje so that in a few years the biggest women’s sports event that our country has ever hosted will not be just a fleeting memory. “The idea of ​​planting was born last year, when we hosted the European Championship for footballers under 21 years of age. I am happy that we will repeat the act in this place, this time in lasting memory of the best European women’s handball teams,” he added.

Sustainability in the organization of this year’s handball championship of the Old Continent is not just words, but actions that will serve as a basis for all subsequent organizers of sports events. “Months ago, we thought about how to make the competition different, and we decided that it would be based on two pillars – women’s empowerment and sustainable development in the broadest sense of the word. We also try to be different and unique by planting trees,” said Mr. Franjo Bobinac, President of the Handball Association of Slovenia. After the opening speech, together with the mayor, they took the shovel and symbolically planted the tree of our national team, which starts the championship in exactly one week.

“I invite all Slovenian men and women to come and support our chosen species. Her opponent will be Denmark first, then Sweden and Serbia. The Slovenian women want to win as many matches as possible and then qualify for the continuation of the competition, which will take place in the capital. I believe that they and we will succeed! The team is poised to reach and exceed all sporting expectations, but will need vocal support. I have no doubt that the Zlatorog hall will not be full and that the energy of our girls would not carry them to the set goals,” Bobinac concluded by inviting sports fans to become part of another inspiring sports story.

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