Part of the Krim handball family, initially as an active handball player and a member of the golden generation, later the head of the youth teams of the Ljubljana club, and now as the Sport Director.

Why did you decide to accept the role of Ambassador of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022?

Being one of the ambassadors of the championship is a great honor for me. Furthermore, I am honored to be in the company of fantastic, exceptional women, successful in many different fields. I accept the role as a responsibility.
After all the Euro is the largest women’s sports competition in the history of independent Slovenia, the largest sporting event in Slovenia in 2022.
It is also a huge challenge because the organizers rolled up their sleeves very early and tackled everything in a different way than we are used to.

Why is it worth fighting for a greater role of women in society?

I believe in gender equality and I believe that there should be no doubt about that. Women in the 21st century can easily prove that we can and know how to be in many leading, key, and important roles in society.
We will use the European Championships with the organizers to show and prove that women are important for society and its development in sports and in all other areas of society.
I emphasize that it is not my intention to prove that we women are better. However, I believe that we are equal, special and that we know how to find victorious solutions in our own way to coexist all of us in a modern, advanced, tolerant, equal society.

How important is the concept of sustainable development in your everyday life?

For myself and my family, I can say with certainty that we live by the principles of sustainable development. My daughters are also raised in this spirit, as I want them to be aware of how important TOMORROW is. It is magnificent that the Women’s EHF EURO 2022 will be the first sporting event in Slovenia to have a sustainability manager and a team working in this field. Something that was unimaginable until recently.
I was most impressed by the fact that all those involved in the project will sign a sustainable commitment and fight for the implementation of various aspects of sustainability, from environmental, to economic and social. Ambassadors, we will focus on empowering women in society and sport, but it will not be just that. We want less waste, less consumption of energy and goods, rational use of resources, and much more.

What do you think are the main parallels between sports and business?

I think you have to do your best in both of them to be successful. So perseverance, intransigence, dedication, bravery, and a certain amount of talent for the field in which you work. So sport and business go hand in hand.

What is your attitude towards sports and especially handball?

I have been dedicated to sports, especially handball, practically all my life. Sport is my way of living, thinking, and acting. It is the best school for life. Every time you have to pick yourself up after a fall and move on. It strengthens and develops us.
I believe that Slovenians are a sports phenomenon – regardless of the discipline. In conversations with colleagues from international sports circles, I am extremely proud every time the conversation involves the successes of our athletes.

Which of the ambassadors do you know best and which do you appreciate?

It is a great honor to be in the company of eminent ladies from various fields of society, each of them exceptional in their area. I know most of them very well, but I will be happy to meet some of them. I am extremely happy that together we will do something great for our joint project and co-create a new story that will be a novelty in the Slovenian sports environment.

Where will Slovenia place at the EHF Euro 2022?

Winning a medal.



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