The head of the Cabinet of the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor since 2013, the head of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Janez Drnovšek before that.

Why did you decide to accept the role of Ambassador of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022?

I accepted it with joy because I can visibly support not only our girls but the belief that we should all have equal opportunities in life in general.

Why is it worth fighting for a greater role of women in society?

It is always worth fighting for all the values ​​that make the world a better place. Maybe that’s why they’re called values. We do that for our children and their children and so on. Because if we don’t, we can easily lose them ourselves.

How important is the concept of sustainable development in your everyday life?

It is key. Until we started to talk about the virus and then the war, I was convinced that my only task was to contribute as much as I could to stop the warming of the atmosphere – for as long that we could adapt properly on time. Sustainable development is the way to ensure enough time to do that.

What do you think are the main parallels between sports and business?

Competitiveness, perseverance and the desire to succeed. Profit is not among them.

What is your attitude towards sports and especially handball?

I love both. I also understand sport as a way of life and thinking, and handball impresses me as a team game – because it is fast, smart and friendly.

Which of the ambassadors do you know best and which do you appreciate?

I know a lot of them and I appreciate them all. However, I listen to Senidah.

Katero mesto bo na evropskem prvenstvu osvojila Slovenija?

I always bet on these things. Sometimes I win. But I always cheer till the end.

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