Director of the RTA agency, independent entrepreneur with the organization of events and initiator of the now traditional December charity campaign Za nasmeh v mestu.

Why did you decide to accept the role of Ambassador of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022?

Because I love handball and this championship is important for Slovenia.

Why is it worth fighting for a greater role of women in society?

So that the world will be a better place.

How important is the concept of sustainable development in your everyday life?

Exceptionally. I live by the principles of sustainable development every day.

What do you think are the main parallels between sports and business?

Persistent, confident and talented win.

What is your attitude towards sports and especially handball?

I love both.

Which of the ambassadors do you know best and which do you appreciate?

I know some of them. But I appreciate everyone because they are all exceptional women, each in their own field.

Where will Slovenia place at the EHF Euro 2022?

I hope we will place in the top five.


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