Full professor in the field of international business and head of the International Business program at the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana with many years of experience in various management positions.

Why did you decide to accept the role of Ambassador of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022?

I am a sports fan, a researcher of sports marketing and a great advocate of sports values. They connect us to equality in sport, promote inclusion, fair play, healthy lifestyle, solidarity and volunteering, sustainable development. And, of course, excellence based on human rights and respect for human values. This is what encouraged me to support the special mission of the championship – the empowerment of women in society and sports, as well as the sustainability aspect.

Why is it worth fighting for a greater role for women in society?

There is still a lot of unequal treatment of the genders in society and the world. Unfortunately, there are far too many cases in which girls or women do not get equal opportunities, even though they would like to be equally empowered in life, at work. Also in sports. That is why it is important to raise awareness, speak out, develop programs and activities. I also work within the Center for Sport and Human Rights, where we strive to ensure that human rights in sport are respected and not restricted, especially not between the sexes.

How important is the concept of sustainable development in your everyday life?

Every day I try to be as responsible as possible to the environment in which I live and at the same time encourage that sustainability is not only associated with the environment, but also a broader view of business and development. Circular Change is an example of this. Responsibility for today and tomorrow is above all responsibility for ourselves and everyone around us. Planet Earth is one and let’s ask ourselves what we will leave to our descendants.

What do you think are the main parallels between sports and business?

Dedication, perseverance, focus, teamwork, collaboration, continuous learning, excellence based on true values.

What is your attitude towards sports and especially handball?

I am a sports fan, I live with it every day. I am not good at handball, but I am happy to watch all the key matches. And I am very proud of the achievements of our handball teams.

Which of the ambassadors do you know best and which do you appreciate?

I know most of the ambassadors. They are all Women with a capital first letter. Brave, dedicated, successful, making progress in the areas. They are willing to stand out for others and follow their vision and values. I appreciate them for that that and I am grateful that life has connected me with them.

Where will Slovenia place in the EHF Euro 2022?

I am proud and I will be proud of all achievements. I know the team will breathe together, committed and connected. It is top-class team sport that teaches us how we can move borders in Slovenia. And I’m sure it will be the same this time.

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