Long-term employee of the Siemens Group and director of the company since 2007, as well as head of the management board in Croatia and Serbia.

Why did you decide to accept the role of Ambassador of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022?
To support sports, especially women in sports. Also because I believe that the Ambassadors project goes beyond the usual role of sponsors and addresses issues of social responsibility.

Why is it worth fighting for a greater role for women in society?
Because the balance of roles in society is a prerequisite for its sustainable development.

How important is the concept of sustainable development in your everyday life?
At Siemens, where I have been working for almost 20 years, the sustainability framework is the starting point for action in key areas. Siemens was the first major industrial company to commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2030, while also supporting its customers on the path of a clean energy transition. Furthermore, as the president of the Združenje Manager (Manager Association) I defined sustainable leadership as the main guideline for Slovenian managers in my program two years ago.

What do you think are the main parallels between sports and business?

Vision, clear goals, cooperation, excellence, teamwork, passion and commitment are the foundation for success in both business and sport.

What is your attitude towards sports and especially handball?

In my younger years I trained figure skating and today sport is the basis for a healthy life.
As a native of Celje, handball, of course, means a lot to me. Many of my friends have been associated with this sport and it is tied to my happiest years in this city.

Which of the ambassadors do you know best and which do you appreciate?

I know most of the other ambassadors well. The selection is excelent. I am glad to be in such good company.

Where will Slovenia place in the EHF Euro 2022?

We will aim for the highest spots.

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