Sustainability is not a modern trend, it is a way of life, which in the long run, through changed habits, helps to minimize negative impacts on the environment. And because it is right to change habits by example, we in the Women’s EHF Euro 2022 organizing committee have taken a series of measures with which we want to show that sustainability is not just ‘IN’ as a word, but can be included in everyday life as well as in the organization such a big event as the European Women’s Handball Championship undoubtedly is.

One of the sustainable areas is social responsibility, in which we cooperate with the local community in Celje and Ljubljana. One of the goals of the sustainable action plan is to involve kindergartens and primary schools through workshops to create works of art on the theme of the upcoming women’s handball competition. The children created handball motifs on recycled paper made from wood with colors prepared from natural sources. They were extremely creative – they drew handball players, stands full of fans, created ex libris, comics, etc.

“It’s nice to see that children are creative and how they create on a chosen topic. Our work was difficult because we received many more good works than we finally chose. I am convinced that the exhibition will be wonderful,” said Barbara Čeferin, one of the jurors, owner and manager of Photo Gallery and ambassador of the European Championship, after the selection.

“The products are outstanding!” said Boris Beja, artist and male representative of the jury. “They point to the fact that children like to play with the ball, through this they learn team cooperation and are able to depict this on a two-dimensional support – paper. Art and sport have one big point in common – discipline.”

Films of art works will be used as a creative basis for the production of goods, the raw material of which were old cotton sports shirts collected by children from kindergartens in Celje and Ljubljana. The drawings will initially be on display in the Town Hall between November 8 and 13, and then they will come to life as pillow covers etc. commemorating the biggest women’s sports event in the country.

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