Celje is the fourth largest city in Slovenia and the real handball center of our country. In 2004, it already hosted the best men’s European handball teams, later many world and European youth championships, and on November 4, the best female handball players from the old continent are coming to the princely city. The Zlatorog Hall will host group B, in which, in addition to Slovenian women, Danes, Swedes and Serbian women will fight for promotion.

However, it is not only handball history that Celje is proud of. It contains a treasure trove of history from the period of ancient Celeia and the Middle Ages. The castle still stands above the town today. In addition to the largest medieval fortress in our country, the city also offers visitors many other attractions. They can enjoy all the good things in the old city center, and in the Tourist Information Center they can find tips for visiting museums, galleries, city districts and routes that lead from the center to the green hinterland of Celje.

Apart from the castle, the most popular tourist spots include Celjski dom, Narodni dom, Stara grofija, Knežji dvor, and nature lovers like to visit Celjske hut, Šmartinsko lake or the tree house with the city forest.

You only have about 100 days left to plan your trip to Celje and watch at least one more match of our handball players in the group stage of the Women’s EHF Euro 2022. On Friday, November 4, the Slovenian women will face Denmark, two days later (Sunday, November 6) with Sweden, and on Tuesday, November 8, with Serbia.

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