COUNTDOWN: 5 days until the start of Women’s EHF Euro

Now we can count on the fingers of one hand… But we need much more than just one hand if we want to count all the volunteers who will be part of this year’s European Handball Championship. A little less than a hundred of them will help in various fields and thus gain invaluable experience.

Volunteering is a form of work for which a person does not receive payment. However, they are rewarded with invaluable experience, new acquaintances, and the opportunity to follow the event practically from the edge of the court, even more closely than the visitors and fans in the stands.

Volunteers perform various tasks – they help with the organization of the competition itself, work with the media, and guide the spectators in the stands. In the process, they gain valuable experience. At the 15th EHF Women’s Euro, the oldest volunteer is a 71-year-old. The 19- to 30-year-old age group is the most numerous, and some volunteers come from other countries. “By becoming a volunteer, I fulfilled my desire to return the debt to society which invested in my medical treatment,” said one of the nearly 100 volunteers who will be part of the largest women’s sports event in the country’s history in the coming two and a half weeks.

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