The handball players, who will start their fights at the 15th European Women’s Handball Championship in less than ten days, are already sweating in the last national team training sessions. Before the final preparations, the Slovenian women also took some time for the youngest handball fans and invited them to support them in Celje’s Zlatorog.

The Slovenian national team is aware that this year’s championship of the old continent will be very special for them. They will play it on the home court. And since our national team members want to see a large number of fans of all ages in the stands of the Zlatorog Hall in the first part of the Women’s EHF Euro 2022, they took some time for the youngest before the last national team preparations.

Ema Abina, Valentina Klemenčič, Barbara Lazović, Nataša Ljepoja, Tjaša Stanko, Alja Varagić and Maja Svetik, led by ambassador Deja Ivanović, delighted the elementary school girls and boys of Ljubljana. They visited Maks Pečar Elementary School, Zalog Elementary School, Miran Jarac Elementary School, Oskar Kovačič Elementary School, Poljane Elementary School, Nove Fužine Elementary School, Zadobrova Elementary School, and Nova Jarše Elementary School, socialized with male and female students, answered some interesting questions and invited them to between November 4 and 8, they join in Celje and support them from the stands of the Zlatorog hall. At the end, there was no shortage of commemorative photos and signed autographs.

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