The Women’s EHF Euro 2022 will carry a strong message about empowering women in sport. The special ambassador of the competition has therefore become a singer who loves sports, while supporting the ideas and vision of the November event. This is Senidah.

The Slovenian singer of Montenegrin descent is one of the biggest music stars in the wider region. She is an exceptional woman, an artist, a fighter for women’s rights, an exceptional singer and artist, as the numbers show. Her songs have surpassed 150,000 views on YouTube, followed by almost 400,000 people on Instagram, and with more than 620,000 monthly listeners, she is also breaking records on Spotify.

Senidah also had the honor of creating the official song of the upcoming competition. It will be heard for the first time on Thursday, June 9th. The song Play with Heart will be premiered together with the video at the SPORTO conference at the Stožice stadium.

We believe it will touch the hearts of all. Not only in the region, but also across Europe.

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