Sustainability is a big word that will have even more meaning in November. In organizing the Women’s EHF Euro 2022, we will try to achieve the set goals – for a better world, for a better tomorrow. Each individual, each step, each piece of the sustainable mosaic will be important.

Awareness of sustainability is becoming more important every day, which is why it also represents one of the main pillars of the largest women’s sports event in our country. The ambassadors, who try to be an example to others with their activities and decisions both in the private and business world, raise awareness of sustainability. “It’s a way of life that small steps lead us to, and changes start with the first step. It is up to individuals to take this first step,” emphasizes Tanja Subotić Levanič, director of corporate relations at Pivovarna Laško Union.

And summer is the right time for a sustainable shift. Preparing a salad or other cold dishes instead of using the stove will prevent additional heating of the apartment and thus reduce energy consumption. The same applies to washing clothes that can be air-dried instead of in the dryer. The light is turned on only when it is necessary, and the car can (at least) be replaced by a bicycle to cover slightly shorter distances.

So it doesn’t take much to co-create a better tomorrow. Just a small step and tiny patterns can become our habit. “I am working to ensure that the women’s handball championship lives according to sustainable standards, which will inspire future generations and young people,” says Maja Zalaznik, a professor at the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics, adding that sport in itself is sustainable: “If we are active, we tend to live healthier and longer lives.”

Photo: City of Ljubljana

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