Water is the source of life and unfortunately it is increasingly considered that clean tap water is a real prestige. Fortunately, not in Slovenia. We live in one of the wateriest European countries, which can boast of exceptional drinking water quality.

Safe drinking water enables us to live and represents one of the basic conditions of health. In Slovenia, almost 90 percent of the population is included in the drinking water supply, and we even have the right to drinking water enshrined in the constitution.

Among other things, water is also important for various water experiences. Especially on hot summer days, Slovenia’s clear waters invite you to refresh yourself with various activities: swimming, adrenaline experiences on the rivers, trips on the water, natural swimming pools… Even between November 4 and 20, the focus will be on refreshment, refreshment of the best European handball players and visitors to the biggest women’s sports event here.

The organizers will provide drinkers with drinking water in Zlatorog in Celje and Stožice in Ljubljana, which many Slovenian cities already offer. For example, over 50 urban drinking fountains operate in the capital from spring to autumn, with which they want to avoid using water from bottles and in this way reduce the consumption of plastic. May it be so in November as well. For a better tomorrow for all of us!

Photo: City of Ljubljana

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