The Handball Association of Slovenia invites all handball fans and those who would like to take part in the largest women’s sports competition in the history of Slovenia, which will be hosted by Ljubljana and Celje in November to take part in the handball spectacle.

This is a unique opportunity to get to know the organization of the international competition and all the tasks included. Are you interested in what it takes to organize a match? Do you want to experience the matches from the sidelines? Would you like to be part of the promotion of the competition? Or help with the official match protocol?

Volunteers help in many areas of the organization. In addition to an unforgettable experience, new acquaintances, honing the knowledge you have, and a certificate of participation, we promise you a unique opportunity to experience an event up close like no one else in Slovenia!

We will train you to work in a certain field, dress you and never leave you hungry. You start your journey as a Euro 2022 volunteer by applying for the position. There are many areas of volunteering available, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome to the Euro 2022 team!

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