Handball fans are already looking forward to November, when Slovenia, together with North Macedonia and Montenegro, will host the Women’s EHF Euro 2022. The biggest women’s sporting event in the history of our country will surely attract many sports enthusiasts, and in the coming months the ambassadors of the upcoming competition will reveal to you why you should get your ticket too!

Why visit Women's EHF Euro 2022?

"I simply cannot imagine not being part of a story about love. We are talking about Slovenia, which has the word love in its name, that is love."

Tanja Subotić Levanič

"First of all, out of respect for the sport, athletes, women and the team, which will certainly give everything of their own for a good result. But also for our own pleasure, relaxation, companionship and the beautiful moments we experience when we win."

Tjaša Ficko

"The Slovenian national team is preparing for new challenges, but at the same time it is trying to work and work as a team. A team with a national charge. I think we will feel this most at the championship itself."

Maja Zalaznik

"Our national team has a lot of promise. Even if it fails in a game, it deserves to be supported by the Slovenes."

Deja Ivanović
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