Many surveys rank our country among the greenest in Europe. Nevertheless, the Slovenian organizing committee of the Women’s EHF Euro 2022 is aware that it can take a big step towards a better tomorrow in the field of sustainability in November.

According to a recent survey on the perception of sustainability among consumers, in which 14 European countries participated, Slovenians are leaders in waste recycling. The organizers of the November handball competition are therefore striving to transfer the sustainable behavior of fans from the comfort of their homes to Celje’s Zlatorog and Ljubljana’s Stožice.

In the Slovenian capital, they have already connected with the public company Voka Snaga, which will try to set up drinking fountains in the arena and provide islands for waste, which will be removed from the scene by vehicles running on compressed natural gas.

Achieving a sustainable vision (at least) for Slovenian fans should not be too demanding. In our country, more than half of the population already sorts waste correctly. We collect packaging waste, biological waste, glass, paper and mixed waste separately. Other waste can be disposed of in collection centers, mobile collection points, pharmacies, etc. Deja Ivanović, ambassador of the Women’s EHF Euro 2022, is also one of the conscientious waste separators: “At home we strive for sustainability, in this spirit we raise our daughters with my husband. We separate waste, we don’t drink water from plastic bottles, but we have glass bottles. If possible, we go somewhere on foot or by bike. We are respectful of food, we do not throw away what is left.”

In the coming months, our former handball player, together with the other 16 successful Slovenian women, will draw attention to the importance of sustainable development. In addition to the environment, the ambassadors will also cover the social field, thus contributing their part to marking the first sustainable championship in our country as a CLEAR VICTORY.

You can read more about waste in the City of Ljubljana, where the European Championship will take place, at the link.

Photo: City of Ljubljana

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